Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Costco Fuel Settlement

Costco, along with other fuel retailers, has been sued over the way it measures gallons of fuel in some states. The putative class plaintiffs have settled the case--for zero dollars for the class, and ten million dollars for the attorneys. You are a member of the Settlement Class and are affected by the proposed settlement if you purchased gasoline from Costco at a temperature above 60 degrees, between January 1, 2001, and April 22, 2009, and reside in the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, the District of Columbia, or Guam. CCAF will be representing two class members who find the settlement objectionable.

(Updated to reflect status of case.)


  1. Although I did not purchase alot of gas from Costco, I am a member of the class. Given the absurd settlement in this case, I object! If I over paid, where is my 3 cents - or 1/2 cent per 10 gallons, or what ever? This is a perfect example of why consumers can be outraged about attorneys and the legal system. If you want to use me as a poster child for this contact me: m a g i c l 1 @ p a c b e l l . n e t I paid cash and have no receipts.

  2. I would love to know the identity of this judge: name, political party, and source of campaign contributions.

  3. I find the settlement objectionable and bought gas at a Los Angeles Costco when it was over 60 degrees a number of times. Adviceamy (at) a o l

  4. What kind of law firm would accept a settlement where the victim receives no recovery, only the promise that "they won't do it again?"
    Who are these lawyers? Did they even pass the bar exam?
    This borders on consumer fraud. The victims were cheated by costco and then cheated by crappy incompetent lawyers!
    To add insult to injury, the lawyers representing the victims agreed that costco doesn't even have to say they did anything wrong!!
    Exclude me from the class! These lawyers don't deserve a dime by including me in this.

  5. It makes me sad that a judge agreed to a settlement on behalf of people who are too ignorant to know that liquids change density with temperature.

    It makes me even more sad that as a member of this class--someone who bought fuel from CostCo, and will likely continue to buy fuel from CostCo--I'll actually be punished by this settlement, since CostCo will have to raise their fuel prices to cover the settlement and litigation costs.

  6. and then there are those of us who dutifully read the postcard about this, which warned us to Opt Out of the Class Settlement by 2/23/10 if we did not wish to be "bound by a class settlement", and noted the April 1st (April Fools Day) Court hearing and we innocently believed that *then* would be when the Action/Settlement would be determined... *not* that it already has! and now none of us is legally allowed further action?!?!

    other than to ***"FILE an OBJECTION"*** TO THE COURT BY MARCH 2, 2010 for the April 1st Hearing to "consider whether to approve the settlement".

    Can't we all file that Objection en masse per the terms laid out at the address/site link given on that postcard???

    Where the heck is AARP, AAA etal for Advocacy for members? Wouldn't Costco itself prefer to make good to their members rather than lose good faith & membership renewals?? I only keep my Costco card renewed for fuel savings. But can now also get price matched across the street at an ARCO...

    If you tossed your postcard:
    Costco.com/fuelsettlement.pdf OR
    Fuel Settlement Notice, POB 12985, Birmingham, AL 35202-2985

  7. When are we going to wise up? The ONLY beneficiaries of lawsuits like this are the Attorneys that look for such absurd instances of injustice. Did not any of you look at the initial mailing and see that the Attorney that was “looking” out for us Costco members was going to receive $10,000,000 for his effort to protect us? Did you not read that he found 5 – yes just 5 – members that were to be paid something under $5,000 for their helping in the lawsuit. 5 members for a total of $25,000 would be this guys expense (plus his time - he has to be worth $25,000 per hour)! AND then what was going to be the “best” that the rest of us would receive? Absolutely NOTHING! Why nothing? WE ARE COSTCO MEMBERS, COSTCO DOES NOT PAY THE SETTLEMENT – WE DO!!! So we are NOW paying whatever settlement $ the Attorney made for himself in his effort to protect us. When are we going to start using our brains?

  8. Here is the court web page for presiding Judges and Attorneys. Plus all court dockets.