Monday, June 7, 2010

Cy pres bill in Ohio House

I've previously written about the problem of cy pres, charitable donations used to expand the apparent value of class action settlements that often serve as double-compensation for the trial lawyers. One particular Ohio law firm, Dworken & Bernstein, has demonstrated this problem first-hand by regularly negotiating for cy pres awards in settlements that otherwise are pretty lackadaisical in terms of class benefits, getting the settlement approved by claiming the cy pres award is a benefit to the class (even when it benefits a charity affiliated with the judge, or is a local charity despite the fact that the money is supposed to be going to a national class), and then taking personal credit for the donation in ceremonies with oversized checks, as if the money being donated was the law firm's rather than that of their clients. (The website's stock photo of the grateful child with the flower is particularly compelling.)

Public choice aficionados would be fascinated by recent Ohio developments where the Dworken firm has lined up multiple charities to support pernicious legislation, HB 427, that would enshrine this conflict of interest and breach of fiduciary duty to one's clients into Ohio law. On May 18, I testified before an Ohio House committee on the subject.

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