Friday, January 21, 2011

Additional briefing in the HP Inkjet Printer coupon settlement case

The briefing by the settling parties in support of final approval seemed exceptionally poor, though I admittedly have never been in a position where I've tried to defend an indefensible settlement. We see another quack economic expert report inventing tens of millions of dollars of "benefit" from a worthless settlement. We filed our opposition today, with references to Seinfeld, Bart Simpson, The Great Gatsby, and the legal tradition of table-pounding—as well as an article written by lead class counsel for the trial-lawyers' lobby where he admits to the worthlessness of the settlement.

The case is In re HP Inkjet Printer Litigation, No. 05-3580 (N.D. Cal.), and the fairness hearing will be before Judge Jeremy Fogel on January 28 in San Jose.

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