Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm kind of annoyed at the Los Angeles Daily Journal

CCAF, a non-profit project unaffiliated with and unsupported by any corporate funding, does not lobby. But the LA Daily Journal says that they don't need to run a correction for a sentence beginning with the phrase "Corporate lobbyists and advocacy groups such as CCAF" because, according to them, they're not claiming that CCAF is a lobbyist. It seems to me that the only people who could make that sort of sophistic argument are convicted child molesters and editors such as David Houston of the Los Angeles Daily Journal.

The LA Daily Journal op-ed critical of CCAF was written by a Kabateck Brown Kellner attorney; at no point does it disclose that we've objected to four of Kabateck's settlements (all of which paid substantially more to the attorneys than the class), resulting in one settlement rejection and another ruling reducing their fee request by nearly a million dollars, with two other cases still pending.

(At the risk of killing the joke, I wish to make clear that I have no basis to think that David Houston has been convicted of child molestation or any other sex offense.)

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