Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oetting v. Green Jacobson / Oral argument September 10 in 8th Circuit on cy pres

Bank of America settled a nationwide securities class action in the E.D. Mo. for hundreds of millions of dollars. For some reason, the district court judge ordered that $2 million or so of the settlement fund not be distributed immediately. By a few years later in 2013 (after interest and restitution from a settlement administrator employee that had embezzled from the settlement fund), there's $2.7 million left over. At the behest of St. Louis class counsel, but over the objection of the class representative, the district court distributes that money not to the class, but to a local St. Louis charity. Class counsel rushes to hold a ceremony delivering the check notwithstanding the automatic stay on such things.

The class representative, David Oetting, retained us to take the lead on the appeal to the Eighth Circuit in a fascinating case where just about everything we complain about in the world of cy pres abuse took place. Oral argument is scheduled for the morning of September 10, and will be available at this link that afternoon or the next day. Law360 ($) coverage.

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