Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Opposition briefing in Bluetooth

The plaintiffs and defendants each filed their briefs yesterday in the $0-for-the-class and $800k-for-the-attorneys settlement. Note that defendants were required to pay $1M in notice costs. Yet still, there were class members who did not hear of the settlement until my Overlawyered post publicizing it--a post that comes in for some ad hominem criticism in the plaintiffs' briefs, a classic case of pounding the table.


  1. "An overwhelming majority of Class Members are in approval of this settlement."

    Easily the funniest line in Plaintiffs' motion. Failure to receive a class settlement notice, or throwing away one that's worth less than the postage for filing a claim, is not approval.

    Like Nixon, Garcia is citing a silent majority.

  2. I came to the comments page just to see if someone had already pointed out the absurdity that the first commend points out. Yes, that is absurd.