Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Some updates

  • Coverage of Monday's Nachsin v. AOL cy pres victory for CCAF, some of which is even accurate. I was also interviewed by Reuters and the Daily Journal, but I don't see their stories yet. [Zywicki @ Volokh; Fisher @ Forbes; BLD;; Metropolitan News-Enterprise; Litigation Daily ($); Law360 ($); Wolfman]
  • In Blessing v. Sirius XM, Judge Baer denied the request for a punitive appeal bond. Thanks to Adam Schulman, who took the lead in drafting the successful opposition brief.
  • The Dewey v. VW oral argument in the Third Circuit looks like it will be scheduled in late March.
  • We filed our objection to the fee request and structure in the second Classmates settlement. Dan Greenberg will argue at the fairness hearing December 15.
  • Yes, that Apple Magsafe class action settlement you've gotten an email for is likely unfair given the artificial restrictions on the claims process. We have one class member as a client, perhaps two.

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